The new Lithuanian National Museum of Art logo, incorporating its eleven departments steps out into the wide world!

Photo by Gintarė Grigėnaitė


The Director of the Museum Arūnas Gelūnas shares the story behind this new symbol:


‘Such institutions like the Lithuanian National Museum of Art are commonly called ‘umbrella organisations‘ – gathered under one common title are 11 different museums, galleries, and centres in Vilnius, Klaipėda, Palanga, and Juodkrantė. However, engaging in activities diligently, hierarchical relationships may be counter-productive, and this is why we see ourselves as like-minded people sitting at a round table, actively discussing what has always been of the highest interest to us all: ART. This is why the community of the Museum happily accepted the idea for the new logo, introduced by designer Indrė Klimaitė, containing the symbol of a round hendecagon and gathering around in a non-hierarchical manner different art topics, our curators and researchers, curators for collections and specialists of international relations, publishing managers and editors, restorers and digitising specialists, architects and technical team, investment and financial specialists, experts of public relations and marketing specialists, educators and guides, exhibit supervisors, cashiers and guards. Only through persistent communication can this crowd of professionals become a true contemporary museum community. This goal is prominent in the new logo of the Lithuanian National Museum of Art – a hendecagon with segments each referring to a different department of LNMA and connecting them all through a sense of community.’



Souvenirs with the new LNMA logo are available at our ticket offices. Our umbrellas may protect you during rainier days, your cosy evenings could be accompanied by our ‘Tea of Muses’ decorated with an artwork of your choice, and your future visits to be listed in our notebooks as many exhibitions are still yet to come!