Poles Keep Painting: Works from the MOCAK Collection

6 June – 13 October 2024

Painting is a contract between the vision of a painting and the hand. It is there that the content, meaning and beauty can be conjured up. But when the hand does not feel the idea or when it is technically clumsy, the image is distorted. In this exhibitionthrough four themes – we show paintings from the MOCAK Collection that demonstrate a successful concord between hand and image. Some of these works emphasise the subject while others tone it down. Painting is a versatile medium. 


Curator Maria Anna Potocka 




Małgorzata Blamowska 

Tymek Borowski 

Rafał Bujnowski 

Edward Dwurnik 

Pola Dwurnik 

Paweł Książek 

Kamil Kukla 

Agata Kus 

Marcin Maciejowski 

Bartek Materka 

Laura Pawela 

Robert Rumas 

Wilhelm Sasnal 

Jadwiga Sawicka 

Beata Stankiewicz 

Michał Stonawski 

Paweł Susid 

Jakub Julian Ziółkowski

Radvila Palace Museum of Art,
24 Vilniaus st, LT-01402, Vilnius, Lithuania
+370 5 250 5824

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