Virtual Tour of Clock and Watch Museum

Fragment of the exhibition. Photo by Tomas Kapočius

Wander around the labyrinths of time in the Clock and Watch Museum’s virtual tour. You will be told the fascinating ways one can tell time using sun, water, and fire as well as other peculiar methods used throughout history.





All 25 virtual tours of Lithuanian Museums and the territories of the Vilnius Castle were developed in English and Lithuanian languages as part of the Virtual Museum project focusing on modernisation, new electronic services, and the expansion of the Lithuanian Integral Museum Information System (LIMIS). The project was implemented in 2019–2020 by the Lithuanian National Museum of Art (LNMA) and its partners.


Virtual tours were created with the help of these companies: Lantelis, INRE, and Pasaulio Spalvos.


The project is sponsored by the European Regional Development Fund

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