Between Lithuania and France. The Two Worlds of Count Benedykt Henryk Tyszkiewicz

From 13 July 2021

Benedykt Henryk Tyszkiewicz. Ferry on Nevėžis River. Raudondvaris, August 1893.

This exhibition is one of the three exhibits taking place in Lithuania simultaneously – the second one being located at the Photography Museum (140 Vilnius st, Šiauliai), and the third – at Raudondvaris Castle (1 Pilies tak., Raudondvaris).


The exhibition presenting documentary and artistic photographs by a master of pictorial photography, Count Benedykt Henryk Tyszkiewicz (1852–1935), taken in France, Poland, Lithuania and the Wiała manor near Vilnius in the present territory of Belarus, which were considered lost for a long time.


Count Tyszkiewicz began to take interest in photographic art in the late 19th century. He was a member of the prestigious Photo-Club de Paris, and his works were admired by visitors of numerous salons of photographic art.


In some photographs the count captured luxurious palace interiors, manor environment, the life and pastimes of aristocrats, travels, photographed his family members, relatives and friends, and in others, admired the nature of the Naliboki forest, explored the types and daily life of local people in Zakopane and Lithuania, and staged various scenes in nature and his photographic studio. Though some photographs were meant for family albums, while others were aimed for exhibitions and magazines, they are all interesting for a contemporary viewer both as witnesses of the past and as a result of the photographer’s artistic aspirations.



The exhibitions in Vilnius and Šiauliai will be open until 3 October, 2021.


The exhibition at Raudondvaris Castle will be open until 29 August, 2021.



Curators at:


Vilnius Picture Gallery – Dainius Junevičius


Photography Museum: Vilija Ulinskytė-Balzienė, Sigita Kupscytė (audiovizualinė dalis), Teklė Tomkutė-Vaičiulienė (virtualios realybės dalis)


Raudondvaris Castle – Zigmas Kalesinskas



Coordinator at the Vilnius Picture Gallery – Rasa Adomaitienė


Architect of the exhibition at Vilnius Picture Gallery – Saulius Valius

Graphic designers: Tadas Karpavičius and Juozapas Švelnys


Organisers: Lithuanian National Museum of Art, Aušros Museum in Šiauliai, Kaunas District Museum, auction house ARS VIA, Gražina Petraitienė, Gediminas Petraitis, Dainius Junevičius


Partners: Polish Institute in Vilnius, French Institute of Lithuania, Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania to the French Republic, the Lithuanian Association of the Blind and Visually Handicapped, PI Kino Pavasaris


Main sponsor UAB Grafų Baldai


Sponsors: Auction house ARS VIA, Šiauliai District Municipality


Media sponsors: LRT, Etaplius


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