Permanent exhibition of the Park of Sundials

LDM Laikrodžių muziejus
Fragment of the exposition

A part of the 19th-century park is situated near the museum. According to the plan of subjects, it had to become a complex part of Clock and Watch Museum. The courtyard with working sundials was adjusted for the events of Museum and city. Architect Vaidotas Guogis and designer Romualdas Martinkus had prepared the architectural design of the exhibition. In the centre of the yard according to the design, made by Romualdas Martinkus, vertical sundial showing the time of Klaipėda latitude was established in 1989. It is an original construction, made from rustle steel in the centre of a round fountain. The signs of stars are on the fountain sides. In 1991 the composition ‘The Sun Path Trough Constellation’, according to the designs of the artist of monumentality Lolita Sadauskaitė and designer Romualdas Martinkus was made. This composition is made in a stylized technique of Florentic mosaic. In 1997, one more decorative monumental composition ‘Time and Klaipeda’ was made on the wall of the yard. This idea had been matured since the beginning of the Museum. The authors were artists Juozas Vosylius, Angelina Banytė and Romualdas Martinkus. This work of art occupies 62 square meters of wall. In the centre of it stands gnomon, made from rustle steel. The section lines and scale of hours extend from it. There are different time symbols, used in Lithuanian folk art around it. The accent of this composition is the figures of two angels, white and black, symbolizing the fight of goodness and evil, the change of light and dark, the time. The authentic sights of old Klaipėda, which sinking in water, or may be in time, that has neither beginning nor end, come to live again.

On the pavement of courtyard, you can see a horizontal sundial ‘Measure the time by your own shadow’. This project was realized in 1999. L. Sadauskaitė and R. Martinkus created and accomplished that project. It is like a conception for children. Standing in the specially arranged ground, a visitor is able to measure the time of the sun by his own shadow. There are also, being planned the project of the spherical sundial.

The sundials Park is adapted for different events. The belfry is located in the tower of old Post Office building, which is next to the museum. The concerts take place every Saturday and Sunday. Other events take place there too. Different concerts of choruses, wind instruments music are organized by the municipality of Klaipėda, musical centre and the museum personnel. The citizens of Klaipėda, as well as the guests, can enjoy their free time here.

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