BORDER‘S BORDERS by Patricija Gilytė

Exhibition will be open until 14 August 2022

Photo by Gintarė Grigėnaitė

Patricija Gilytė is an artist living and working in Germany. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich with a degree in sculpture and works in the field of interdisciplinary art. Her solo exhibition KRAŠTO KRAŠTAI (BORDER‘S BORDERS), presented at the Pranas Domšaitis Gallery, is based on her 2021 show NO LAND created at the Vytautas Kasiulis Art Museum in Vilnius.


The artist’s creative process involves taking over exhibition spaces: each new site requires reimagining. At the Pranas Domšaitis Gallery, Gilytė talks about migrations of plants, concepts and phenomena that get brought about by geographical and internal changes. The immersive exhibition presents both her early video works and pieces – installations and a video projection – created especially with the gallery space in mind. At the heart of these works lies the Lithuanian cultural heritage, rethought through visual means and communicated through the chosen materials. Rethought in the artist’s work is not only the exhibition space but also a particular place.


KRAŠTO KRAŠTAI (BORDER‘S BORDERS) talks about existing on the margins, about borders and borderlands, about Klaipėda, which has always been on the edge, different and unique. The context of the Klaipėda Region (Lithuanian: Klaipėdos kraštas; kraštas also meaning borderland, edge, margin, fringe – translator’s note), the nature of its geographical, historical, literary and colourific layers, affecting the present of Klaipėda, is not portrayed directly but rather through subtle visual allusions. Existing on the border (and in that borderland) means constant balancing, an intermediate state, a desire to cross the separating boundaries. Gilytė draws ink maps that create a feeling of boundless expanse without clear boundaries – just as wind, air or nature do not heed the borders, neither do her drawings. Video and foam rubber play an analogous role in the artist’s work. These media combine dreams, reality and immateriality, creating a gentle transition between the inside and the outside, revealing an attention to the environment and a sensitive approach to the surface of both the earth and human skin. However, both paper and foam rubber are materials sensitive to the effect of light: a sheet of glass, a screen, a picture frame, a video recording preserve, archive ephemeral experiences. Gilytė allows the viewer into these experiences, creating an indication that the most valuable are atmospheric moments, captured as they fleet away. The state of being on the borderline is also a state between dream and reality, a state that has neither the boundaries of time nor space, and this is emphasised by the intertwining sections of the exhibition. Yet it is important to keep in mind that looking out from the edge allows a very farsighted view.



The exhibition will be open until 31 July.



Curator Dr Jurgita Ludavičienė


Partners: Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania to the Federal Republic of Germany, Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists’ Association, Sodas 2123, Klaipėda Cultural Communication Center KKKC.


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