Unknown Jurkūnas: Sedūnai–Leningrad, 1895–1938

26 May – 29 August 2021

J. J. Jurkūnas. Drawing. 1930-1940. Anna Akhmatova Literary and Memorial Museum

The exhibition is dedicated to the memory and the creative biography of Jurijus (named Juozapas before 1913) Jurkūnas, a Lithuanian-born artist. This very talented, well-educated and self-taught writer and graphic artist had matured in the surroundings of the artists and writers of the Russian Silver Age in Saint Petersburg and is unknown in Lithuania to this day.  This exhibition is a first attempt to learn more about the personality of the artist as well as his artworks.




Curators: Svetlana Gruševskaja-Bobkova, Rūta Mėlinskaitė, Saulė Degutytė


Coordinator: Birutė Pankūnaitė



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