The Superlative Artistry of Japan

25 October – 23 December 2021

Yoshihiro Suda. Camellia. 2017. The Japan Foundation

The Japan Foundation is a specialized public agency, which was established in 1972 with the goal of promoting international understanding through cultural exchange. The foundation organizes a variety of projects in three primary areas of activity: arts and cultural exchange, Japanese-language education abroad, and Japanese studies and intellectual exchange. In the field of visual arts, part of our arts and cultural exchange program, we strive to introduce Japanese art through reciprocal exchanges between Japan and other countries.



As part of these activities, we have regularly organized traveling exhibitions, which tour foreign countries. These events are made up of works from the foundation‘s own collection and deal with a diverse range of subjects including crafts, painting, photography, architecture, and design. Some 20 exhibitions are constantly underway and are held at over 100 cities every year.


On this occasion we are pleased to present The Superlative Artistry of Japan, a traveling exhibition that presents a cohesive collection of works and materials from various different genres that each place great emphasis on advanced techniques, ingenious expressions and concepts, and a high level of perfection that take viewers by surprise. Introducing elaborate Meiji era 1868 – 1912 kogei works that played a significant role in initiating the Japonism trend in 19th century Europe as a starting point, the exhibition in addition to numerous contemporary works of superlative artistry, also comprises capsule toy figures and goof samples that illustrate a strong commitment to craftsmanship.


Through this exhibition we intend to introduce the outstanding techniques of each works as well as the worlds of expression that even serve to surpass such skill and finesse, in hopes that viewers will be able to appreciate this specific part of Japan:s creative culture that honors craftsmanship and has constantly shown a thorough sense of meticulousness and devotion towards production processes.


We would also like to take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude to Mr. Yuji Yamashita who served as supervisor of the exhibition, the artists who kindly agreed to take part in exhibiting their works, and to all those who provided their generous support, assistance and contribution.

The Japan Foundation


Exhibition curator Prof. Yuji Yamashita


Exhibition organizers: The Japan Foundation, Embassy of Japan, Lithuanian National Museum of Art.


Partner AD REM Group

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