50% discount applies to:

  • school students;
  • university and college students;
  • people eligible for state aged pensions (up to 80 years old);
  • people who suffered during the foreign occupations of 1939–1990 – political prisoners and deportees, former inmates of ghettos, concentration and other forced-labour camps;
  • defenders of the independence of the Republic of Lithuania who suffered during the USSR-enacted aggression on January 11–13, 1991 and afterwards;
  • participants of the resistance to the occupations of 1940–1990 – volunteer soldiers and freedom fighters.

Free admission to expositions and exhibitions for:

  • children of pre-school age;
  • children from orphanages;
  • people who are officially recognised as disabled and their attendants (one attendee per invalid);
  • people aged 80 and over;
  • employees of Lithuania’s museums;
  • members of the International Council of Museums (ICOM);
  • members of the Lithuanian Union of Journalists;
  • Lithuanian and foreign journalists;
  • students from all types of art schools;
  • students of art and design colleges, students from the Vilnius Academy of the Arts;
  • members of the Lithuanian Artists’ Union;
  • members of the International Association of Art Critics;
  • members of the guide guild, upon presentation of their Guide Certificate issued by the State Department of Tourism Department;
  • people holding the status of an art creator;
  • members of the Lithuanian Association of Art Historians;
  • teachers accompanying groups of school students of no less than 10 people;
  • teachers accompanying children to educational activities;
  • members of the Lithuanian Riflemen’s Union and their families;
  • members of the Lithuanian Armed Forces, the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and NATO military;
  • members of tourism service providers accompanying groups of no less than 10 citizens of the Republic of Lithuania, or groups of no less than 5 foreigners;
  • Ukrainian citizens upon presentation of a document proving their citizenship;
  • visitors on the last Sunday of every month.


Modified: 07/03/2022