Exhibition "The Baroque – Miraculous Technique of Ch. Boolean"

Fireplace clock. The second half of the 19th c., France. LAM. Photo by A. Lukšėnas

The 18th c. Baroque furniture and decorative clocks, the 19th c. Neo-Baroque style watches are exhibited in the Baroque-style hall. These are the most luxurious and beautiful furniture and clocks currently known in Lithuania. Furniture and clocks decorations were inspired by Charles Boolean techniques – an inlay of tortoise shell and brass, an inlay of plywood (marketri). The exhibition is formed of the values accumulated by the Lithuanian National Museum of Art.  


Current safety regulations require the visitors to wear face masks and maintaining social distance of at least 2 m. Please follow the instructions given by the museum personnel and the signage that is placed throughout the museum floor to help encourage proper social distancing. Don’t forget to cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or your elbow before coughing or sneezing. Exhibitions and permanent exhibits can be visited without the Green Pass.

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