Former Vytautas Kasiulis Museum of Art is now being remodelled into the Lithuanian Diaspora Art Museum

Lithuanian Diaspora Art Museum. Photo by Tomas Kapočius

The long-established branch museum of the Lithuanian National Museum of Art, formerly under the title of Vytautas Kasiulis Museum of Art, is now being remodelled into the Lithuanian Diaspora Art Museum. In regards to shaping its new identity and acquainting Museum’s visitors with the input of artists who lived and created abroad, the Museum is currently planning a wide-ranging event programme for its audiences.


Throughout May and June, you’ll be invited to exhibitions presenting Lithuanian diaspora artists: The Unknown Juozapas Jurkūnas (Jur Jurkun), Vaclovas Ratas: Beyond the Equator, as well as a presentation of works by Vytautas Kasiulis taking place at the newly opened Alytus Visual Arts Centre (formerly the synagogue of Alytus). Throughout November and December, the museum will display an exhibition of works by an artist from Paris Antanas Mončys Antanas Mončys: Faces and Spirits celebrating the 100th anniversary of the artist. Another exhibition In Between Expectations and Possibilities will be reflecting upon the art created by women artists from the interwar period.


On the 27th of October, Lithuanian National Museum of Art along with Lithuanian Culture Research Institute will be organising an interdisciplinary science conference ‘Migration: Conceptions and Experiences’ gathering cultural researchers from different fields for discussion at the National Gallery of Art.


In May 2022, the museum is going to present an exhibit unfolding the many perspectives of the Lithuanian diaspora art.

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